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Cal came into our lives almost 5 years ago. He had lived under a porch, with little or no human contact. He was a beautiful, but terribly shy and frightened pup. With love and patience he has turned into a wonderful and cherished member of our family.


Lily is the newest member of our dog family. We had lost our beautiful Pomeranian, Phoebe after 15 years and were missing her very much. When we noticed this precious little girl at a Love Mutts adoption event, she just adopted us! Lily is rambunctious, happy, friendly, sweet and beautiful. She makes us smile and completes our family.  Thanks to Love Mutts for rescuing both Cal and Lily so that they could be part of our family.


We have THREE HAPPY TAILS in our home thanks to Love Mutts!  We adopted Cinnamon in 2012... our crazy active girl with lots of energy to burn. In 2013 we decided she needed a puppy to play with and adopted Penny.  They became fast friends!  We thought our family was complete, but in 2014 we fostered Hershey and we just couldn't let her go. We couldn't be happier!  We love our LMR girls!

Some of our happy pups that have found their forever homes! 

See all our happy tails at happy tails


I first met “Rumor” at an adoption event, and immediately fell in love. Looking beyond the bald spots, the scars, and the sadness in her eyes­ it was very clear that this roly­poly bulldog had so much love to give.

Upon hearing of her tragic past, I vowed that I would be the best foster mommy I could be, and to give this little girl the strength she needed to overcome her past. Little by little, Rumor began to heal. She slowly transformed into the loveable little ball of energy that I know today.

As weeks passed, Rumor went on numerous “foster-­to-­adopt” trials; but through no fault of hers, she was always returned. I truly think that we both knew in our hearts that we were
meant to be together. When her daddy and her previously rescued doggy brothers were able to join us in North Carolina, the deal was sealed.


Rumor, now called, “Pearl” was another member of our family. Spending time with her brothers, Pearl learned how fun it can be to be a dog. While she previously spent most of her day sleeping and cautiously learning to be loved, she now spent her time in the back yard, chasing, tugging, and wrestling with her brothers. Every snort, bark, and torn up toy was a testament to the success of her healing.


My fiancé, Jim, and I continued to help out on the weekends at Love Mutts events. We wanted to promote the wonderful organization who gave us our beloved Pearl. Now a family with three dogs, we felt whole, and content...until the weekend when we saw Lilly. This gorgeous grey and white pitbull looked at us as if she was finally home. As soon as I bent down to greet her, the beautiful little girl in the pink bandana slowly raised one paw, and then another, until she was cautiously enveloping me in a hug. Jim and I looked at each other, sighed in resignation, and immediately asked if she was available to foster. That night as we watched TV, we looked around the couches - each covered in dogs lovingly stretched out and snoring, and we knew we had made the right decision. Lilly could not have fit more perfectly into our family. We often joke that we had to “even out” the girls and the boys.


As with many great things in life, Pearl and Lilly entering our lives was a complete surprise. The transformation Pearl has made in the eight months she has been with us is nothing short of miraculous. Lilly, and her playful and sweet nature, envelopes our family in warmth and laughter. Although, “yes,” they are often messy, and “yes” we need an industrial strength vacuum, there is one thing for certain­ we could not be more proud to call ourselves, “foster failures.”

His rescue was a God-thing: Sharon had prayed for him to find a good home, Marli took him when she didn't have room and prayed for a forever home, and Jericho is a Chow/Australian Shepherd mix with lots and lots of very soft fur and a huge personality. He makes us laugh all the time.

It's been three and a half years and Jericho is free of heartworms, full of energy and silliness, and we continue to thank God and Marli at Love Mutts Rescue for trusting us to be the parents of this beautiful dog who immediately filled our house with joy. Thank you for all you do at Love Mutts. We were rescued that day.


Thanksgiving 2011 we walked our beloved Sasha to the Rainbrow Bridge where she was greeted by her big brother Beowulf. After 15 years our hearts were broken and her loss was immensely felt. We planned to wait to adopt but our house felt extremely empty and hollow. Local shelters didn't have many options for us. So with tears streaming down my face, I prayed a very specific prayer: God, please bring us a dog to rescue and love. Here are my requests: Chow mix, fluffy and soft fur, big and fun personality, and a dog who desperately needs us.


The next day I found a dog on petfinder and inquired about him, asking, "Is Buddy adopted yet?" The next morning, a Saturday, I opened my email to "Yes, but what about Jericho?" with a picture of a beautiful, golden dog. Within an hour we were on the road from VA to NC to meet Marli and Jericho.

It was love at first sight. When Jericho jumped out of Marli's car and leaned up against me, I knew that he was ours. We didn't know much about him except that he had been a stray, was loved by Sharon at the kill shelter who continued to beg for his life, was heartworm positive and had been at Marli's for only one night.

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