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Adopt a Love Mutts Dog (or Cat!)

At Love Mutts Rescue our goal is to help our dogs & cats find their forever home.  We strive to match families with pets that best suit their desires and lifestyle.  Our goal is for our adoptions to be 100% successful!

Fees and Payment

Adoption fees vary based on age, whether they are spayed/neuter, cat vs dog, etc. 

Often our expenses far exceed the amount of the adoption fee, and we rely on donations to make up the difference.

Payments may be made online by credit card, or by cash. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.



  • Adopters must complete an application.

  • A contract for care must be signed upon acceptance of a pet.

  • If, for any reason, the adoption is not satisfactory, the pet must be returned to Love Mutts Rescue as stated in the Adoption Agreement.

  • Love Mutts Rescue reserves the right to take possession of a rescue pet that is neglected, improperly cared for, develops a serious temperament problem, or is allowed to run loose.

The Adoption Process

  1. All potential adopters must fill out an online adoption application.  A volunteer adoption coordinator will process your application. The application process typically takes 2-5 days. Please fill out the application completely in order to ensure that your application will be completed in a timely matter.

  2. Pets currently in your household must be up to date with vaccines, including rabies, and be seen for annual wellness visits. We do not adopt pets out to homes with unaltered animals, unless there is a vet-verified medical reason why the surgery cannot be performed.

  3.  All pets placed by Love Mutts Rescue are to be house pets. Cats are to be indoor only.  Love Mutts Rescue reserves the right to schedule a home visit to ensure the safety of our rescues.

  4. Approved applications are valid for 6 months. After 6 months, you must re-submit an application. This applies to previous adopters as well.

  5. Please keep in mind that there may be applications in process for the pet you are interested in. For this reason, a specific pet may not be available once your application is finished being processed. Approved applications do not constitute a promise for a specific pet.

  6. Upon approval and acceptance, you may schedule a meet and greet via email with the pet of your choice. Meet and greets are typically scheduled at the foster's home or at one of our adoption events.  If the pet you applied for is no longer available or is not the right match for your home, Love Mutts Rescue will work with you to find another pet that will be a great fit for you and your family.

  7. It is in the best interest of the rescue pet for the entire family to be at the meet and greet to ensure a good match. If you have a dog in the family, we encourage a pre-adoption meeting in a neutral location.  Love Mutts Rescue does not allow adoptions as gifts or surprises. The adopter MUST be the applicant. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.

  8. Approved applications do not guarantee adoption. A meet and greet is the final step in placement of our pets. Love Mutts Rescue wants to ensure that it is the best fit for all family members and pets involved. We often have to make a difficult choice among several loving homes. If you do not adopt the pet you applied for, please consider meeting some of our other wonderful pets.



We are a foster-based rescue. You can meet many of our dogs at our weekly adoption events. 


Please check our Calendar of Adoption Events for times & locations!

Adoption Fees include the following:


  • Spay/Neuter for dogs over 4 months of age

  • Heartworm test for dogs over 7 months of age

  • Age-appropriate Vaccinations (boosters may be needed)

  • Microchip

  • Initial Deworming

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